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My 2014 Birthday Wish

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This morning I find myself keeping warm inside of the Airstream in Prescott once again.  Last year I posted from Cortez, after wrapping up with our first RV Park Web Client.  That post found me 42 years old, and this one finds me at 43.

For regular followers, you know that last November I was setting out to take a risk once again.  And this year we find the Airstream still on the move, business steady enough to keep me fed, and a few opportunities that look to make an amazing 2015.  All in all, it’s been a decent year.

As I pondered, “What do I want for my birthday,” this morning I really couldn’t think of anything I need right now.  At some point it would be great to have a home base again, a toasty wood stove, and a Black Labrador once more.  I’ll be building toward that.  But bottom line, seems like I still have everything I need, and that’s good.  So it’s a Happy Birthday indeed.

My wish for all of you

Last year I wrote up a wish for all of you who follow along.  And today that wish still stands.  See everything you can, don’t put it off.  Our time is short, so be sure that you’re taking in all of the amazing things available to you!

For today’s wish, it’s a super simple one.  I wish for a great end of the year for everyone, and for an amazing 2015 for all of us.  Here’s hoping for a peaceful, productive, and successful year for all of us!

Thanks for following along too.  8 years of blogging from an Airstream (with some gaps of course).  Looks like we’ll be heading into 9 years now.  🙂

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