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3 Years of HDR Photography

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The first HDR I created that didn't totally suck!

I realized this morning that I’ve been toying with HDR for 3 years now.  Pretty cool.

It was in 2007 that I was asked for an opinion on HDR.  Since I had no opinion I decided to look into what HDR was.  The first site that I stumbled across was Looking through Trey Ratcliff’s work I was totally blown away.  Just amazing work.  Then I found Ben Wilmore’s work as well, and was equally blown away.  I had to know how to do this stuff.

Months of research, learning Photoshop, getting better with my camera, and mostly improving everything I did from the shoot to the post processing led me to finally create my first “non-trash” HDR.  See, I tried others and they just didn’t work out.  Finally, my Cabin Window came together in 2008.

Since that first “okay” HDR (there’s so much I’d do different now) I’ve created hundreds of HDRs.  Ghost towns, ruins, Route 66, Prescott, Landscapes, White Pocket, Coyote Buttes, The Grand Staircase, Grand Canyon, and so many more……  And it’s been a fun photographic journey.

I think this year will be my banner year for images.  That doesn’t mean my best images ever will be coming out, although that would be nice.  But I think this year I’ll be out shooting a lot more.  With the changes that I’m instituting for my business I hope to allow more time for myself to do the part of the business that’s been most neglected.  Getting out there and shooting!  Last year I spent so much time in the shop.  Days that I should have been out I found myself in the gallery.  Over and over again.  This year will be different!

So keep yours eyes open for new images.  And hopefully new images of new places you’ve never seen before!  Maybe you’ll even notice some improvements in what I present, and in how I present it.  As always, I’m still learning every day!

Not an HDR, but HDR like. Look forward to more of this type of work this year!

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