30 Days in the Dells – #10

Richard Charpentier 30 Days in the Dells, Arizona, Photography 1 Comment

Ah, sometimes you need to go back to the scene of the crime.  In my case, a jaunt on the Peavine.  The downed tree I captured yesterday was still on my mind.

Unfortunately I didn’t get exactly what I want.  Ah well.  You win some….you know the rest.

Yes, the clouds were here again today.  And yes, we had some amazing storms again this afternoon.  This morning was tame though, and I had my opportunity.  Tonight coming home I drove through a cold downpour.  I also ran out of the office into a cold downpour!  Brrrr.

Fall seems to be arriving.  But the monsoonal downpours are accompanying it.  Weird but true.  Hey, we can use the rain!

Tomorrow morning I think I’m going to find a cactus to shoot.  Maybe a macro.  You know that you can make a jelly with the fruits of a cactus here, don’t ya?  Yup, you can.  Wonder if I’m allergic……..

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  1. Mmmm… prickly pear lemonade is the bomb! You can get it at the Iron Springs Cafe, along with Tudies Chicken Fried Tuna & Jalepeno gravy…. possibly the best meal ever.

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