30 Days in the Dells – #12

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Often I follow the same path into the Granite Dells.  While that might sound a little boring it really isn’t.  Every time I head out into the granite I have a good time.

Today I retraced my regular route that I usually take for climbing.  A walk out of Point of Rocks along the main path.  Hop off the path into low lying rock formations.  Descend into a little canyon and come out beneath “The Emerald City,” a climbing spot I won’t soon be trying (5.12’s and up there….not me yet).

As you approach Emerald City you walk through a lower lying area in the Dells.  All the water from the monsoons seems to concentrate here, and it allows for many plants to continue surviving among the rocks.  This past Spring there was little vegetation there, now it’s a pretty green carpet.  Interesting the changes you find here almost on a weekly basis.

It was pretty warm today on the walk.  Temperatures are cooling, but 80+ degrees combined with rocks reflecting the sun’s heat can warm you up quickly.  Glad I had a gatorade along with me on the hike.

Afternoon clouds are rolling in, and we might just see another storm today.  As I’ve said before, we’ll take all the rain we can get here in Prescott.  Keep it coming!

After nearly an hour roaming around in the rocks again I decided to make my way home.  Getting ready for work you know.

I finally remembered to photograph a favorite manzanita on my way back along the path.  Every time I pass it I tell myself it would make a good picture.  But then I forget to snap the shot on the way back.  Today I finally remembered.  Still, I think it would look better as a dawn or dusk photo, so I’ll head back to take another sometime soon!

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