30 Days in the Dells – #’s 8 and 9

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Yes, I missed one yesterday!  Ugh, I’m so disgusted about missing a shot for a day!

So, what happened you ask?  Work….and then right after work I had to run to the gallery to meet with Ian.  Things to discuss, measuring to be done, and welders on hand to chat with.  By the time we were all wrapped up the sun had set, it was drizzling at the Airstream, and I was just a little hungry!

I hope it won’t happen again (missing a day in this project).  To make up for it I took many, many, many photos.  Will that really make up for a missed day?  Probably not, but ah well, such is life!

Today I decided to take a late afternoon walk around the southern shore of Watson Lake.  The lake is positioned right against the Dells and is an amazing spot.  So many birds today, so many little frogs jumping out of my way.

Initially the plan was for a few specific photos along the shore, birds, wild life, etc.  But instead I happened upon a few objects that caught my attention.  Man, I love the lone tree thing!  😛

After making my way around the southern edge I ended up on the Peavine Trail (an old favorite).  Walking along the trail I saw this tree in the distance and knew I had to go pay it a visit.  Personally I think it was worthwhile, and I enjoyed taking the pictures.  Sure, I had to make my way through super tall potentially snake infested grass……

The walk was extremely enjoyable.  Frogs are everywhere right now, and they make sure to get out of your way.  So many little “peeps” and then splashes into the water.  And along with the frogs, grasshoppers to special care to jump out of my way as well.

No, my intention today was not to go out and scare the smaller wildlife!  Too bad they didn’t stick around, they could have made the blog along with this tree.  That would have been fun to post!

As I started wrapping up my walk I looked back toward town.  The clouds were building fast.  A storm was on the way.  Here I thought the monsoon season was over, but clearly I was wrong.

Fortunately the clouds added to the scenes I shot today.  Instead of an ultra blue sky I have the mix of happy clouds in every photo for the day.  Couldn’t ask for a better day.

For the final photo you can consider it the entry for #9.  The two shots of the tree above can count as #8.  Well, they’ll count for me at least!  🙂

As I started heading back along the Peavine I noticed an old tree tipped over along the lake’s shore.  That wonderful gray wood that’s been soaked season after season when the lake rises stood out to me.  I made my way back off the Peavine and once again scared several dozen frogs into the water.

I set the tripod up and made sure it was steady.  For this shot I decided I wanted 7 exposures.  Yes, it’s an HDR.  No, there is no Santa Claus.

Just as I got ready to take a few shots the sun dipped behind a cloud.  Ah, opportunity.  I waited a few moments until it was well behind the cloud and I took two series of photos.  The HDR you’re looking at is from the second series.  I still haven’t played with the first (sun in a different position).

Overall I’m fairly satisfied with today’s shots.  A 4 mile hike, itchy legs from walking in tall grass, no snake bites, and a pleasant afternoon.

Oh, and I made it back to the Versa approximately 5 minutes before the storm hit!

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  1. Hold on a minute…are you implying that there is no Santa Claus?

    Yet, trees hold some magical meaning for you?

    Good grief. 😉

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