The Airstream's first satellite dish

4 Comments away…..

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From 1000 comments here!

Not bad at all.  The blog is less than a year old, although we’re coming up on a year.  335 posts, 996 comments.

My old blog, Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles, was huge.  I’ve looked at the database.  Over 10MBs in posts.  That doesn’t include photos, podcasts, etc.  It was massive with all that extra stuff.  Sure was a shame that hackers took that site apart on me over and over again.  Glad to say they’ve been avoiding this one so far.  🙂

So, who will be the 100th commentor?  4 comments away.  Guess I’ll have to keep watch and see who comes across the line as #1000.  🙂

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  1. Maybe I’ll be that 100th… but I wanted to mention briefly my thoughts about HDR. I thoroughly enjoy what you’ve done with it! It is, as you demonstrate with all your other photos, another tool that enables you to make a statement about a subject that may require a surrealistic approach. Obviously, you can’t use if for everything, but I think you’re providing a nice balance. Hope to be able to check in now and then as we travel to AK, but if not, you know why: no connectivity.

  2. Hackers? What a shame. We followed the old blog as we prepared for and set off on our own year-long Airstream journey. Love the photos and the inspiration!

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