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4 images into one. Another composite work through

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Yesterday I spent a good bit of time on one more composite.  I know, enough already right?

Well, this one was fun.  4 images pulled together.  A little more work needs to be done, but I like this one.  So I thought I’d show you everything that went into it.

An open high desert scene outside of Ashfork AZ. I liked the clouds and the desolate landscape.


Abandoned gas station in Peach Springs along Route 66.



I really liked this sign found in Hackberry on Route 66 and just wanted to use it somewhere.


First I started with the open landscape.  I grabbed the gas station and dropped it into the scene.  It was facing the wrong way given where the sun was coming into the scene, so I flipped it.  Kept the shadows from the original shot as they were pretty close.  I then added Jodi into the scene, worked out where I wanted her, and went from there.  The final addition was the Mobiloil sign.  The shadow I added for that is too harsh and I’ll correct it.  I spent a good while trying to blend colors to a point where I found things a little more believable.  I still have a little more work on this one.  I also think I need to correct the perspective on the gas station a little more.

All in all?  A fun little project.  Learning learning learning!


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