41 years of friendship

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That’s a very long time to know someone given the fact that I’m now 43!  But it’s true.

I received an e-mail from my mom’s friend Lynn this morning, and gave her a call.  I’ve know her since I was 2 years old, and remember her through all of the years.  She and I have a bond that’s like family you see.  And I’m always happy to hear from her.

Yesterday was December 7th, and 41 years ago my mom started into her bone marrow transplant.  I remember the date every year to be sure.  My mother always referred to it as her second birthday, for good reason.  The transplant saved her life from what was then a terminal illness, A Plastic Anemia.  And that transplant allowed me to know my mom much longer than I would have otherwise.

Lynn was working at Brigham and Women’s hospital back then, and that’s when her friendship started with my mother.  And they remained friends until the day we lost my mother in 1999.  Lynn was with her when she passed away.  And since then, she stays in touch with me as well.

In all of my travels, and throughout my life I’ve made many friends.  And I’m happy to know you all.  But well before anyone laid eyes on this website I made many friends as well.  And Lynn is certainly a memorable and important one.

Thanks for always staying in touch Lynn, and thanks for being there for my mom all of those years.  And finally, thanks for remembering her each year on the 7th!

Now everyone, go hug someone!


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