4th of July Weekend in Prescott

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That means a lot here.  I mean a lot!

We’ve got the Rodeo going on.  Oh wait, I mean the World’s Oldest Rodeo going on.  In addition to the town hosting that we’ve also got the 4th of July Parade through town.  It’s quite the event.  Downtown is blocked off for a few hours.  Folks from all over travel here to see the parade.  Parking this morning?  Yeah, spaces were filled in at 7:00 a.m. when I arrived at the gallery.

You got up and came in for 7:00 a.m. Rich!  Are you nuts?  Nope, I knew parking would be a nightmare with the parade and today’s events, and I needed to get here.  See, in addition to all the events, the Governor came to the Firehouse Plaza today, and the guys at the Firehouse Kitchen wanted to be sure I’d be on hand for some photographs!

Many folks were on hand to meet the governor.  When I say many, I mean claustrophobic many.  I had to step out of the room a few times just to get a breath of fresh air and feel the breeze.  Oh, the breeze is so good today.

So, I got many random photos today of the governor’s visit.  The Firehouse Kitchen is “off the hook” busy right now, and folks are still meeting with the governor upstairs right now.  I’m in the gallery off loading images and cooling off!  Whew!

Finally, I’ll tell you about the other photos I shot this morning.  See, I was talking to PK Bootmaker the other day about getting a few shots of him.  Paul has got a really cool look, and let’s face it, the guy makes custom boots.  He is the “western guy.”  I’ve been wanting to photograph that western look for a while.  So, here are two final images from this morning of Paul.

Final note.  I know all the political hay being made over AZ and everything going on here lately.  So, before you post any comments about the governor and the state I have the following to say.  I stay away from politics here.  I’ve discussed economics now and again and the irrationality of the dangerous game we’re playing with our money supply.  And I’ve always left off at the politics.  So, political comments or anything nasty will not be tolerated in comments.  Save that stuff for somebody else’s blog.

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