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5 days of gray….not helping the photography efforts

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…..and here we are on Friday with a downpour.  My nostalgia for the patter of rain on a tin roof seems to be fading.  🙂

Welcome to New England.  I do remember this well.  The gray skies for days on end.  The drizzle, the downpours, the soaking blattering of rain drops.  And don’t get me wrong, I am happy to see everything so green and healthy here.  But seriously, this is putting a crimp into the photo work I’m doing here!

According to the weather forecast tomorrow will be more of the same.  Earlier in the week the forecast said Saturday would be sunny and nice.  That’s been pushed out.  Now maybe Sunday will be sunny and nice.  Or maybe it won’t.  More of the same weather is expected next week too…….  Guess I’ll need to take twice as many photos on the nice days to make up for the bad ones.

Work has been trucking along on the site we’re working on, so that’s a positive.  Another client has been lined up in CT, so that’s a positive too.  Now all we need are a few sunny days……heh!

Well, to entertain you I have the following unfinished video to offer.

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  1. We spent a summer in Canada along the border and then into New England and it rained almost every single day. Here’s hoping it will stop soon.

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