5D Mark II Video and a Podcast test here

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Well, I’ve finally sat down and re-installed Podpress on the new blog.  I remember when I popped a new video up every week…..the good old days.  But honestly, I don’t have the time to run the business, blog, work with web clients, and generate regular podcasts……

Well, that’s what I’ve been telling myself.  Today’s podcast is “rough”.  Not like the old clean videos I popped up from the road.  I just wanted to test out the 5D Mark II, IMovie HD, and podcasting with the new combination.  So, here’s a fun little bit with Pat Berry playing music at the Old Firehouse Plaza.  We have entertainment every weekend.  Pop by some Saturday and enjoy music outside.


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  1. Very nice sample test with the new combo. It’s not so easy for us to “pop by some Saturday” so we look forward to your bringing alive the colorful Prescott area with sound and moving pictures in your wonderful podcasts (I have fond memories of the one you did of the Palm Canyon hike two years ago)!

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