A device I’d love to test out: The Spot Satellite Messenger

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New gadgets always catch my attention.  I’m a tech junkie through and through.  And several weeks ago I learned about a really cool new GPS gadget that I really want to try out.  Thanks for pointing it out to me Les!

The Spot Satellite Messenger was put on my radar screen a few weeks ago.  A strange little orange device.  What does it do?

It’s a GPS tracking device.  You don’t use it to navigate.  Instead, it is an emergency communications device that allows you to send out some very simple messages to folks on an e-mail list.  You can send a signal that you’re ok and that message and location is sent to the mailing list.  Need help?  A message with your cooridnates can be sent out in the same manner.  Finally, if you’re in an emergency situation aid can be dispatched.

That last feature is what really got my attention.  See, I have a two part interest in the device.

First off, I find myself looking to more remote locations to photograph.  Our recent failed attempt to get to Yellow Rock in Utah was cut short due to issues with the “road” we were traveling on.  At the time we reached an impassable location.  At some point I will get in there to photograph the area, you can be sure of that.  But what if the road gets washed out while in there?  How can you get aid in an area where cell phones don’t work?  In my case, the HAM radio will come in handy, but if there’s nobody on frequency, what then?

The Spot Satellite Messenger might be a good fall back.

Part two of my interest is pretty simple.  Ever since I got sick in 05′ I’ve found that my zone of comfort has been limited.  I used to have no concerns about being in the middle of The Great North Woods of New Hampshire with no form of communication.  Now I find a concern going to locations where you can’t summon aid.  I’m not worried about slipping and falling, running out of water, etc.  I’ve always got that stuff covered.  My concern now stems directly from a medical issue which seems to randomly attack at times.  It’s something that, while I can plan and prepare, hits me off guard at times.  With the issue in the back of my mind it does limit how comfortable I am getting truly remote.

And really, there’s a long list of remote locations I want to photograph.  I’ve been searching for a way to add that extra comfort factor back in.  The Spot Messenger might be the exact device.  If nothing else, it certainly is a nifty concept!

I’m thinking that many adventure travelers might find extreme interest in this messaging system.  Who knows, I might just get one in the near future and tell you all about it…….

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  1. I read about this nifty little device in a recent article in Backpacker Magazine. Another interesting feature that caught my eye was the real-time tracking by friends and family while you are out-and-about. Not sure how that feature works, but yet another fun way to follow along. Sounds like a device that deserves some further investigating.

  2. Rich,

    I picked up the SPOT when Ritz Photo went out of biz for $29 plus the $100 activation fee. Works real well. Let me know if you want to give it a spin.

  3. Also besides the three options
    1. I’m Ok
    2. Need Help
    3. 911

    For a extra $8 a year you get 100K worth of Search and Rescue insurance. Can’t beat it.

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