A different kind of door

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Today I needed a “get away.”  Not a huge one, just somewhere not here.

Given my love of all things Route 66, and finding that Williams is more interesting than I first thought the other year I decided to take a quick trip up.  Williams has Route 66, cool buildings to photograph, a neat little outfitter shop with reasonable deals on Columbia shirts & shorts, nifty lakes, tons of off roading, and more.  Plus driving through the forest up there reminds me of New England.  Green, green, green.  Oh, and it’s the “gateway” to the Grand Canyon.

Did you know the place hosts the Grand Canyon Railroad?  Yup, it sure does!

Over the course of the day I was thinking backgrounds, composites, and straight shooting.  I shot 3 different scenes that I think I’ll pull into one composite.  The idea developed as I saw each scene.  It’ll probably wind up being a podcast.  You’ll have to tune in.

One shot that jumped out at me is presented right here.  Love doors, and this one is great.  Wish I’d had a step ladder with me…….

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