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The other day I popped up what we could say was my most boring podcast ever.  Sorry about that.  But that podcast was building toward something.  Putting together what I hoped would be an interesting composite.  And telling you about the thought process behind the composite.  I’ll work on making those more interesting and concise in the future!

Well, over the past two days I’ve recorded what I did (for a future podcast) and found myself frustrated time and again.  Still, I thought I’d share where the image is going with you.  Hey, making perfect composites takes work, and lots of it!

As I was shooting this train I wondered why type of image I could combine it with

I decided to drive home from Williams the back way by the new cement plant in Drake.

For some reason I've been fascinated by this cement installation.....

The perspective on the train is wrong still. Working on it......

As you can see, there’s work to be done.  I honestly can’t figure out the perspective on the train….  I played with it off an on yesterday for well over an hour.  Stretch it this way, squish it that way…..maybe I should have shot more angles….I don’t know.  Frustrating.

I’m still learning, and I’ve never claimed that I’ve worked it all out when it comes to composites.  I think this is going to take a while.  Still, I’d love feedback on the concept here.  And if you’ve got some thoughts on fixing the train I’m listening…..  🙂

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