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A few Monday updates

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This weekend’s Firehouse Plaza 1st Annual Luau looked pretty successful to me.  The late afternoon saw many people roaming the plaza, enjoying the food, and watching the finals in the volleyball competition.  I decided to include a few more photos just to show you what things looked like during the afternoon around the plaza.  Did you pop down?  If you didn’t, you missed out on some fun events!


Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Well, the next one day Intro to Photoshop and Intro to Lightroom classes will be here soon.  August 15th and 29th will be here sooner than you think.  Sign up earlier rather than later to make sure you have a seat.  You can also stop by the Art Store in downtown Prescott and sign up right in the store!

The two and three day workshops will be starting again soon.  Back to the Vulture mine once again, and I can’t wait for the next workshop there.  If you’re interested in a full 2 day workshop on an HDR workflow combining Lightroom, Photomatix, and Photoshop then this is the workshop for you!  And don’t forget, one more trip to White Pocket for 3 interested students.  White Pocket is an amazing location, rarely seen by anyone visiting Arizona.  That also means you’ll be one of only a few people to ever capture images from this amazing location!

Additionally, I’ve been thinking about offering another one day class through the Art Store.  A one day HDR workflow class is on my mind.  Tell me what you think about the concept!

The Printer Update

Well, the printer saga is just about resolved today.  A week and a half ago the HP was declared “un-repairable.”  The extended warranty company, Sagemax, cut a check to cover the replacement of the printer.  Today I’ll be placing the order for the replacement!  That means that soon we’ll be running glossy again.  And how about the Polar Pearl Metallic from Red River?  Yeah, I’ve been sitting on that for quite a while.  Got to do some test prints with it that were amazing.  And then the HP had its issues……

So, stay tuned to hear when the new printer is up and running!

Monsoon Update

This morning it’s really cool here.  The sun is hidden behind some pretty dark clouds.  And I think….finally……that Point of Rocks might see a monsoonal downpour at any moment.  Rain does come to the desert.

Now, gotta tell you, last year Monsoon season was super weak.  And so far this monsoon season has also been super weak.  Maybe that will change with today’s storm?  Bottom line?

Bring the rain!  We’re all waiting for it here in Prescott!

Oh, right as I went out to take the photo above the rain started coming down.  It’s now pattering on the Airstream roof.  With the winds and thunder I think this is going to be a doozie, and the roof will start moving from a pattering sound to a blattering sound.  Should make for an interesting morning!

A little photographer fun

Last week I stopped by Scott Kelby’s site to read the Wednesday Guest Blogger spot.  Aaron Johnson was in last week, and I got a kick out of his posting.  He creates the strip, “WTD.”  That stands for What the Duck.

You know how Dilbert helped to express the frustrations of all us engineering types out there?  Also, Dilbert helped people understand what life in the cubicle farms is really like.  Well, WTD does the same thing for photographers that Dilbert does for engineers.  If you’re a photographer, be sure to check out WTD.  It’ll give you a smile when you have nothing to smile about!  😉

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