Fall in Sedona

A few more shots from last Tuesday’s fire dancing set

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pair (1 of 1)Can you believe I’ve finally gotten around to more photo reviews?  Good grief, I’m backlogged.  But the backlog is clearing out!

Now that I’ve said that I’m sure more print customers will roll in to backlog me again!  😉  I hope that happens, I like making money!!!  🙂

So, I’ve popped together a gallery slide show from Tuesday’s fire show.  And Tommy was cool enough to stop by and comment on the site today.  I will definitely be returning to shoot some more of the fire dancers.

The return visits will probably continue for a while.  I’ve never shot under these lighting conditions before, and I’ve got some more learning to do.  Sometimes the lighting is harsh (fire coming toward me), sometimes it’s too subdued (away from me).  And it leaves a photographer changing settings often.

For instance, to get a really cool fireball from the guy who was spitting fire I’ve got to drop the ISO even further than I did.  That combined with exposure time and apeture should get a fire ball with more detail.  Clearly I didn’t hear Josh correctly the other night when I dropped it to ISO 2000 to get the fireball.

Whoops, my bad.  Thanks for letting me know Josh, I’ll get it right next time.

So, next Tuesday I think I’ll return to Sundance’s with 2 camera bodies.  The 5D Mark II with the 24-70mm L series and the 40D with the 70-200mm L series.

The 5D will be for the dancers.  The 40D will be set up for the fire breathing.  Then I won’t have to keep changing settings to much as I bounce between the performers.

If you’re in Prescott you should stop by and see the show.  Very cool stuff.  Bring your camera too.  It’s an interesting challenge to make a good image.  I’m still working on it, and when I get one that blows me away I’ll let you know!

Now, on to the slideshow!


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