A side street in Bisbee

A few photos of me thanks to Tom and Ken

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It’s not often that a bunch of photos of yours truly shows up on this web site.  Truth be told, I’m usually behind the camera and I don’t like being the subject of photos.  But now and then a shot slips on here of me.  Self portraits shot with the camera timer.

This week we’ve got a change.  Both Tom and Ken sent along a few photos they shot of me while we were in Coyotoe Buttes and White Pocket.  So, here we go…..

Dos Trios

Josh, Tom and Rich as shot by Ken in White Pocket

Rich in paw Hole - 3424

There I am peeking around a rock in Paw Hole. Shot by Ken Christopherson


I don't know if I liked the photo I took there or not. Shot by Tom Hoopes


Standing in White Pocket overwhelmed by the imaging opportunities. Shot by Tom Hoopes

Thanks for the pictures Tom & Ken!  Now blog readers will know I truly exist beyond the photos I take and the posts I write.  I am in fact a real person!

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