A follow up on the antics on my site

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I forgot to mention in the previous post about this “pharma hack” issue.  A great site and resource that’s helped me go through my site to make sure no bad stuff is on it is Sucuri.  They had information available about these hacks and what to do to clean them.  I’ve gone through my site and done everything they suggested.  They’ve even got a free scanner to check out your site.  Below are some screen shots showing that The Airstream Chronicles Continued is clean.



So readers should be assured that no shenanigans are going on here.  But if you see any issues on the site at all, please let me know.  I’ve also let my hosting provider (Media Temple) know about this.  Hmmmm…..  Zack Arias recently left Media Temple over some issues as well.  Better go back and read what he had to say about his issues.

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