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A fun tech note – IShowU

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Over the past year I’ve jumped into the Photoshop world fully.  The books, the web sites, the online tutorials, the DVD’s, etc.

Well, I’ve gotten a kick out of noticing what people produce their videos with.  Specifically, the “on computer” part of training videos.  Often in the upper corner of the video window I see a little symbol that I’m all too familiar with.  IShowU.

For long time readers you’ll remember the old GAC podcasts.  For new readers I bet you wonder what that acronym is for.  It stands for Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles.  See, I did a ton of podcasting while on the road, and when I first arrived here.  Then the podcasting faded to black, and the orginal Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles got hacked senseless!

A quick side note before I go too far.  Just have to say, I miss acronyms.  Being a formally trained economist and then wireless engineer my life was full of acronyms.  I don’t have enough of them lately.  I’m going to need to start creating them at random for this site just to keep myself entertained.  How many Unix admins remember using FOOBAR for everything, and where FOOBAR came from?  😉

Thanks for indulging me!

So, I’m pretty thrilled to see IShowU popping up all over the training videos that I’ve been watching.  When I used to use it for GAC and the DRVP (Digital RV Podcast…another hacking victim) I wondered what the “Pros” used.  Apparently they used the same thing that I used.

Not implying I’m a pro here.  Rather I’m a lucky guy who stumbled on to a great tool.

If you’re ever looking to do your own on screen tutorials and you’re a Mac user I suggest you check IShowU out.  If the pros use it, and your favorite Airstream hack uses it, it might just be a great little program.  😉

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