A little bit of blog weirdness

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Hey, that happens from time to time, right?

Yesterday I signed up to be a beta tester for WordPress.  Why you ask?  Something happened with my recent upgrade to WP 2.9.  Actually, several somethings.

Issues I had:

  • Comment Luv seemed to stop working.  Hopefully it will start working again.
  • Attempting to publish a post, it would fail on the first attempt.  I found that what I had to do was “Save” the post, then publish.  Very odd.
  • I guess some other issues came up that are being quickly addressed in the overnight builds.  I’ll be rechecking this morning to see if there are any other corrections.

Reading the WordPress updates I guess the issues have only affected some sites, not all.  Has to do with a PHP issue.  So, if you’re having problems making comments here, Comment Luv not working, or any other oddities you see, just know it’s being addressed!  🙂

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