A new website is born!

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joshone-1My good friend Josh Gosell has finally moved into the digital age.  Well, sort of.

You could say Josh has been in the digital age for a while now.  He’s got a Nikon D700 (I forgive him), a Macbook (good choice), a cool Cinema Display…..video games, DVD players…..the works.  So, in that sense he’s already digital.

But, for some reason, the poor guy has been without a website for a long time.  This weekend we remedied that issue!  Josh has a new blog, complete with his own domain name and everything.  Go figure, he’s as creative as I am when it comes to a domain name.  I went with my full name, he went with jgosell.com.  Alright, we both lack in a certain degree of creativity…….  🙂

Hopefully someday soon Josh will join me on a podcast here.  He’s a very experienced photographer (and he down plays that on his website), and I know he could add something very unique to the podcast.  I’ll keep working on his guest appearance.  And in the meantime I just take photos of him when he’s not looking.


This is the classic Josh pose. Staring at the camera functions looking perplexed.....his wife agrees!

So, go check out Josh’s site.  He’s only popped up a few posts so far, but I’m looking forward to see what he does with it!  And he’s using the WordPress Theme, Autofocus.  I’ve been thinking about using it here, but we’ll see.  I’d like to hack it a little first.

Oh, and leave Josh a comment or two to let him know how needed he is on the Photographing Arizona Podcast.  I’m sure viewers are getting tired of me and my “Canon ways” already and would love a Nikon guy around…….  🙂

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