A quick Friday morning update

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Several days without a post.  What gives?

Hey, I actually do get busy now and again.  And I’ve been super busy.  So I’ve cut myself some slack on the blog.  🙂

What’s gone on over the past week?  Well, let me tell you.

  • The HP Z3100 has been running a lot this week.  New canvases for Allison Kantor (formerly Allison Smith), Barbara Palmer, David Primrose, Dave Harris, and several more folks.  Whew, that tired me out just listing several of the folks I’ve printed for this week.
  • Wrapped up work on 2 web sites for local clients.  Just to let you know, I will not be accepting any new web clients this year.  Got enough to get me busy.
  • Did several more courses on KelbyTraining.com.  Great stuff.  I haven’t done any of the CS5 classes yet, as I need CS5 first……  😉
  • Almost ready with 3 new Workshops.  I’ll announce them here and I’ll add them to the main RichCharpentier website.
  • Working on 2 images from last week’s trip that I think might just be print worthy.  Hey, 2 good ones from a weekend of shooting is great!
  • Checked out QuantzPhoto.com Oh my, this guy rocks!  So many ideas, and no time to really investigate his techniques.  Worth checking out.
  • Finally popped a new article up over on Photographing Arizona.  Yes, I haven’t forgotten that site, but no, it’s been a while.  If you’re interested in producing an article or two for Photographing Arizona, please get in touch.  I’d really like to develop the site this year.

Alright.  More has been going on, but there’s the gist of this week.  Currently I’m sitting at the Airstream waiting for the “RV Repair Guy.”  My water input broke when I got home from last weekend’s trip.  It was my fault, I broke it.  And now I’ve got bottled water everywhere and I’ve been using the 40 gallon water tank for showers, etc.  Feel like I’m boondocking……which isn’t such a bad thing.  I’d just like the city water back……..more pressure in the shower, you know.  🙂

Have a great weekend all!

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