A quick update on my Glamour III testing

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Last week I received the newest veneer from Breathing Color.  Glamour III.  This morning I finally had the time to give it a whirl on one of my newest pieces, and on 3 of Allison Smith’s new canvases as well.

Normally I don’t experiment with client’s canvas, but Allison was on board with trying it out as well, so that was that.  Breathing Color had sent a pint of the new pre-mixed semi-gloss (normally I’m mixing it) and I rolled out the 4 canvases and got to work.

In total, I used about a half of a pint on the 4 canvases.  Normally I’m mixing gloss and matte, then cutting it down with water as well per Breathing Color’s instructions.  So each of the gallon jugs the Glamour II lasts a little while.  Same with the pints.  Going through half a pint on 4 canvases with the Glamour III was a little surprising, but I’m wondering if I over used it.  I’ll be checking in with my account rep next week to see if I did bad.

My hope is that I applied too much.  Otherwise this might be a little more expensive for veneering.  We’ll see, I’m willing to bet it was my bad.

Now, with my reservations out there, lets talk about the drying time on the Glamour III.  Normally with Glamour II I’m waiting about 4 hours for canvas to dry well.  Often I’ll veneer in the evening and let stuff really set, then I’ll wrap the canvases the next morning.  Glamour III might just change my work flow.

In under 1.5 hours every canvas was dry.  I mean really dry.  Dry enough to toss everything on the cutting table and happily wrap the canvases without worry.  That’s just amazing!  And the best part?  The semi-gloss looks great.  Very impressive and on par with the Glamour II.

For the quick wrap up on Glamour III we have the following:

  • Since it’s premixed and I don’t have to add water to the solution I might go through Glamour III faster.  Of course, I may have gone over board, and I’ll confirm that.  If I did everything right then Glamour III might increase my cost of final production.
  • Drying time is amazing!  If you need to turn around a gallery wrap same day in short time, I’d suggest checking out Glamour III.
  • The semi-gloss mix looks great.  0 complaints from me.

Two out of three very positive points.  How am I going to approach this with what I know now?  I’m just about out of Glamour II.  I think I’ll get a couple more gallons into the gallery, and an additional gallon of Glamour III.  For quick turn around jobs, we’ll go with III.  For jobs that I know I have 24 hours, I’ll continue with Glamour II.  That’s the initial plan.  We’ll see if I revise it after I talk with Breathing Color next week.  🙂

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