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Here I am back in the Southwest.  Dry air, a good night’s sleep, slight chill for the morning, and the hyper blue skies that I missed so much.  Oh yeah, and the morning nose bleed due to the dry air (that will stop soon).  Happy to be back here, and in Cortez for a bit.

The Big Rigs at La Mesa RV Park

The Big Rigs at La Mesa RV Park

This summer raced by so quickly.  Back in May we set out from Cortez to work in Massachusetts for two months.  That trip went fast, and suddenly we were on our way to Georgia to work with a client.  And now here it is September 2nd and we’re back in Colorado.  Wow, time really does fly when you’re busy.

After arriving in Cortez back in May the Airstream got its first real bath in years.  I even did a time lapse of it back on May 17th!  That was fun.  We stuck around a few days, and finally started heading east to New England on the 20th of May.  From there it was over a week before we’d arrive in New England.  The traffic back on the east coast is something else!

Now here we are back in Cortez a little over 3 months later hoping to launch our project from this location in a few weeks.  We’ve still got a way to go, but I think it can happen.  So what will we do over the next two weeks?  Oh plenty.  Visit Canyon of the Ancients some more to get a leg up on another chapter of the book, visit the Nissan Dealer as my AC is on the fritz, pop through Durango for a day, and hunt for new clients in the area.  There are so many bad websites for businesses around here.

A Colorado Sunset at the Airstream

A Colorado Sunset at the Airstream

The Social Media Grind

I’ll also continue learning more about Kickstarter campaigns and social media.  I already knew a lot, but since we’ve launched the project I’ve been learning so much more about gaining followers in social media, Tweeting like a maniac, automated tweet programs, Facebook marketing and more.  The things people do just to have thousands of followers.  Some of it is cool, some of it is a little strange!

One thing I learned while doing all of this?  Feedly.  I’d never checked that site out, but did recently.  We’re featured on it under Airstream.  Pretty cool.  So, if you’re a Feedly user, we’re there!

For regular readers, sorry about all the extra stuff about our project.  I know it can be a little tedious, but we’d really like to launch it.  And once we do?  This site will be wall to wall travel, camping, and visiting Monuments.  So you have that to look forward to.  And please, help us get the word out.  Share it with everyone you know.  To make something go “viral” on the net takes thousands of people.  And we have that here on The Airstream Chronicles.  So give us a hand, help us get the project backed, and then watch what we do next!


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