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A Saturday Update?

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Yes, indeed, a Saturday “news” update. A few things to pass along this morning, so let’s jump right in.

Sweet Nasty’s Latest Album

Well, yesterday I was surprised to find out that the top cover gracing “The Arizona Edge” had one of my shots that I did the other month for Sweet Nasty.  The article talks about Sweet Nasty’s latest album, Life on Fire.  Several months ago I was asked to help out with the album images, and I was happy to oblige.

It’s interesting.  Since that initial shoot for Sweet Nasty, and my first big experiment with this type of photography, I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do shoots with people.  Surprising to say the least.  But I’m very happy to be discovering a new direction with my photography.  Of course, still loving the landscapes, and monsoon season seems to be gearing up.  Hopefully over the next few weeks we’ll be presenting a balance of different types of images.

My images are popping up in front of me all the time

Oddly enough, everywhere I turn in Prescott I seem to find images that I’ve shot lately.  Does it make me smile?  Heck yeah!  Where have I been seeing my stuff?

  • This month’s Pop Rocket cover, and several interior shots from the Elks Theatre.
  • The AZ Edge as mentioned above.
  • Fliers for Sweet Nasty’s latest shows
  • Fliers for Filabusta’s latest shows.
  • A recent article on Filabusta had several of my images.
  • Prescott Woman Magazine just ran a few of my rock climbing images for a recent article.

I’m forgetting where else, but it’s funny to find images I shot showing up in places beyond the gallery and blog.  It’s a compliment that folks like the images.  So, thanks everyone!

Resolution with the HP Z3100?

Well, we’re finally close to resolving the HP issue.  Yesterday I received a call from the Sagemax / B&H rep regarding the status of my printer issues.  Their final decision?  The printer is beyond repair and next week they will be cutting a check for the cost of the printer.  Apparently this will take some time, and it won’t be until “mid-week.”  Once the check is in hand, I’ll be placing an order for a replacement ASAP!  I’ve already got the replacement picked out, and I’ve been talking with the vendor about turn around time.

So, I’m hopeful that Gloss, Polar Pearl Metallic, and thinner Matte papers will be available here again within 2 weeks.  Hey, from the point where the issue started to the point where it will be truly resolved (new system in hand), I’ll only have been down for a 2 month period on that media…..oh wait, “only” sounds a little trite……..

Watch the skies…….

Monsoon season is here.  We haven’t had the road flooding downpours yet, but they’re coming.  Just look up if you’re in Prescott.  Those clouds are awful pretty, aren’t they?

So, get out to the Dells.  Or head into Skull Valley.  There’s always shooting in downtown Prescott too.  Just make sure to capture some of the drama that is Arizona Monsoons this year.  It’s a lot of fun!

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