A sneak peek – Rich has been working up a new HDR project

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Any visitor to this site knows I enjoy photography.  Additionally they find out quickly that I have a lot of fun with High Dynamic Range Photography.  Photomatix, Photoshop, HDR Efex Pro, etc, etc.  Yup, I enjoy a good HDR.

It struck me that I’ve been working with HDR for 3 years now.  The Photoshop learning binge started almost 4 years ago.  I know, not the longest time in a career.  But still.  I’ve built quite an interesting landscape portfolio.  Also, ghost towns, abandoned places, and more.  Of course recently there’s been a lot of portrait work, portable strobes, and all that fun stuff.  But while I’m learning all these new things I still enjoy landscape work, and with it, HDR.


I’ve been compiling a new piece of work.  It’s the first issue of Photographing Arizona that will be in print.  I know, I know…..I need to get that website rolling and get other contributors.  Give me time.  There’s a lot going on lately.  But for now, I’m nearly done with an 80 page magazine style layout of my 3 years of HDR photography.  And I’m digging where the publication is going!


It looks like I’ll have this completed before the end of April.  And I’ll be using MagCloud to produce the final product.  I discovered MagCloud thanks to Zack Arias.  Months ago I’d gotten his OneLight Field Guide.  He’d used MagCloud to produce it, and I’ll tell you, quality work.  Of course the contents were quality work too!

So, keep watching the site for the announcement.  When it’s ready to print I’ll be letting readers know here.  I think you might enjoy it.  Some of my favorite images that I’ve captured since I started this photo biz journey.  🙂

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