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A stroll through the Promised Land

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Andy climbing in Promised Land

Andy climbing in Promised Land

Today we’re experiencing another gray and rainy day.  We’ve been back in Prescott for a week now, and I’m missing the climate down in the Organ Pipe area.  Apparently we might even see some snow tonight.  Welcome to March at high elevation.

The other day, with cloud cover and super chilly temperatures we took another couple out to see the Promised Land climbing area and canyon.  It’s not shown on any maps of the area, there are no amazing guide books written about it, and when I first visited the area and took two days of driving around in the desert just trying to find the place.  It is a hidden gem to be sure!

Walking into the canyon this time I found myself getting a little nostalgic.  Back in 2008 I went there almost weekly with a few climbing friends.  Each time we’d check out a new climb, a new wall, and explore the canyon further.  Bags were loaded with climbing gear, and hiking in an out were as tiring as the climbs.

This trip in I only had a small camera bag, one Nalgene full of water, and my camera.  No sense in carrying a bunch of gear in when you aren’t going to be climbing, and also when you’re in no shape to even consider doing a 5.10 climb.  🙂

Climbing Promised Land

Yes, that’s me climbing in Promised Land back in 07′

One of the big draws for this trip were the petroglyphs located in the canyon.  Throughout the canyon as you hike along you will spot petroglyphs here and there throughout the canyon.  And in the case of this rock art, very few have ever seen it or photographed it.  Our guests for the day, Dick & Pam, were pretty happy to see some new rock art that they’d never even seen photos of before.  It’s like being an explorer or something!

Overall it was a great day.  A fun hike in and out, and several photos of petroglyphs.  Several cows greeted us when we arrived, and several said hi as we were leaving as well.  Pam & Dick got to see something that’s not in any guidebook anywhere, and they’ll have a fun story to tell about their photos of some unknown petroglyphs.

Here’s the really fun part…..  I haven’t been rock hopping in the Dells like I used to.  So, after an hour drive back to Prescott my legs froze into position.  Getting out of the Titan I hobbled around like an old guy with joint issues (eeek).  Looks like somebody needs to spend more time rock hopping, and less time in front of the computer!

Remember when I used to post gear photos on this site?

Remember when I used to post gear photos on this site?



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