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The other night after posting my “long” post I went searching around the web.  I’d mentioned in the post that the first three images were something I’d always avoided shooting, but finally shot this weekend just because.  I also noted that there were better versions of the image out there, and this was just me trying my hand at it.  🙂


As any reader knows, I’m a big fan of Ben Wilmore’s work.  He was one of the first guys I found doing HDR that inspired me.  And Sunday night I popped over to his website to take a look at his Route 66 gallery.  I thought he’d done a similar shot, and I wanted to double check.  It has been a while since I’ve looked through that gallery you see.

Well, something of his image must have stuck in my mind.  Ben Wilmore shot it at a different angle, edited a little different than I did, but I think while I was post processing that I had his image in mind.  Whoops.  🙂

Still, I like his better.  And if you’d like to see it go to http://www.thebestofben.com and click on his galleries.  Go to Route 66 and arrow in 4 or 5 times.  You’ll see his version of Hackberry, and you might think “Wow, Rich did have this in mind while he did his.”  I promise, I hadn’t seen it in a long time.  But clearly it impacted me in a big way because my quick edits were leading me toward a similar feel to his image.

Big thanks for the inspiration!  Not just to Ben Wilmore, but to all the photographers who inspire me every day to do better.  There’s a lot of you out there, and I sure do appreciate your work.  Promise I won’t try re-doing what you’ve already done so well!  🙂

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