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Good grief.  I feel like I need a deep voiced announcer to say:

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday at the metro dome.  A clearance sale for a limited time.  You must act now…….

I think you know the deep voiced announcer I speak of.  You hear his voice across the nation for Monster truck shows, big sales, and all the rest of the goofy events that go on.

Well, I’m going to have a goofy event myself, so I need to find the announcer guy.  What’s going on you ask?  I’m having a sale.  Pretty simple.

Sales have been brisk at the Ian Russsell Gallery this past month, but I’m still having a sale.  Why?  Simple, most of my recent sales have been of custom ordered pieces.  Normally they’re sales of pieces I currently have hung, but folks want a custom size or they want it in something I don’t currently have it in.  Recently someone purchased a 32×48″ canvas of my “Grand Canyon Monsoon.”  It’s a popular piece, and go figure I still had to make a custom print of it.  See, I’ve got a 32×48″ Gallery wrap of that image.  But the particular customers wanted it as a Framer’s Wrap so the image could be framed but still printed on canvas.

I’ve got many new images that I’d like to hang in the near future, but in order to do that I’ve got to move some of the current inventory off the walls.  So, my solution is a sale on current stock (not custom prints) that’s on the wall.  For the next two and a half weeks all of my gallery wrapped pieces are 30% off.  I’m running the sale through the 21st of June.

So, if you’ve wanted one of the gallery wraps of my images in the gallery now is the time.  I want to move about 10 out so I can put a few new images up.  Pop down, take a look, and help me make some room!  The fine print on this…..?  Simple.  This sale is on canvas gallery wraps only.  All other pieces are priced normal.  The gallery wraps are the things that take the most room on the walls, and I’d like to make some new ones.

There you go.  Pretend you heard the deep voiced announcer…….

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