Classic Airstream at Imperial Dam


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Weeks ago the author of a new novel entitled “Airstreaming,” contacted me.  He was interested in using one of my Airstream images from a few years ago for the cover of his new book.  Very cool!

Now we all know that I’ve moved into a house.  But that doesn’t mean I’m any less of an Airstream enthusiast.  As a matter of fact I’ve been missing the Airstream a lot lately.  So I stop in almost every day to see it, hang out in it, clean, organize, and get it ready for road trips once more.  The Airstream isn’t retired by any means!

For avid Airstreamers out there I have a simple suggestion.  Keep your eyes on Amazon or any other book reseller in the near future.  The novel “Airstreaming” will be out soon.  And you may just recognize the cover.

Now, it’s up to you to figure out which image is hitting the cover!  🙂


***Note:  Photographers, pay attention to this.  Showing your images on the web works.  A few things though.  Make sure that you have your contact information in your EXIF data.  If you do that it makes it so much easier for potential clients to reach you.  Thomas (the author) found me on the web after seeing the image he liked.  I’ve had other people and companies find me via images on Flickr and my site.  Make it as easy as possible for folks to contact you! 



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