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Two days after the photo walk things are almost wrapped up.  30 of the folks who did the walk have signed up to Flickr and most have uploaded their shots.  It’s pretty cool to see the different perspectives offered by the walkers.

Before I get far into the post I’m going to provide the Flickr link so you can check out the latest:

On the page below the first few photos you’ll see there will be a “More” button.  Click it to continue into the other photos.  In total we have 232 shots submitted.  There’s still room for more, so I’ll be watching for the morning (working late today).

I’ve got to say, there are some amazing photos in the pool, so really take a look through.  You’ll see some more interesting views of Prescott that you haven’t seen here!  I’m happy to say that I have a list of new ideas for future shots!  Ah ha, a learning experience!!!

As the photos are going up I’m taking a look through to see what’s super cool.  The list is growing.  But soon a pick from the day has to be submitted to the Photo Walk folks.  Oh, this is going to be hard!!!

Moving on

There’s a lot ahead this week as the photo walk work wraps up.  What’s in my future?

  • A new permanent web client.  Very interesting client.  A new twist on property and property management.  Best part, one of the owners is a Ph.D. in economics.  We’ve had some fun conversations so far!!
  • Lease signing for the new business space on Thursday.
  • Working on a set of new photos for the gallery.  They won’t be released here on the site until October.  Oh yeah, nobody has seen these prints…..suspense.
  • Continuing the rebuild of my photo portfolio site.  Slow going, but we’ll get there!
  • Starting into a few course books in order to get some Adobe certifications I’m interested in.

That’s enough for the moment.  Other things are going on too, but thinking about them makes me tired!  😉

Today is a “late start” day.  It gives me time around the Airstream to catch up, sort photos, and read a little.  Nice!

Well, that’s that all.  Go check out the flickr link.  If you’re a flickr member be sure to leave comments on your favorite shots.  Everybody needs encouragement!

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