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We’re already in November? The latest Airstream update

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Solar Power Airstream Office Layout

Mostly this is my view and work space every day. I really need to step back and take a few days off for hiking and photography

We’ve had a busy few months.  Surgery back in August, a new client in September, another in October, and another in November.  Plus a few commercial photo shoots for good measure.  It seems to me that we got busy right after my Gallbladder removal.  Maybe an organ removal now and again is good for business?  Nah, I’m probably stretching there.

Sorry to say, not many amazing pictures lately.  I’ve been busy with work, and haven’t really set aside a lot of time for roaming around photographing.  The major photography is either for customers or on my Instagram account.  Quite honestly at the end of every day I’m pretty spent working on clients’ text and images and don’t feel like making time for my own.  I’ll be working on fixing that, but no promises.  We’re finishing out an E-Commerce website right now, we’ve got days of commercial photography editing, and another client looking for a commercial shoot this month.  So yeah, busy busy.  And that’s okay, there are some bills to pay.

News on the health front

I seem to be healing after my surgery.  It no longer hurts to eat, so that’s a big plus.  I’m still allergic to so many foods though, so the diet is super boring.  And I’m getting slim….for those who knew me back in college and grad school you might remember me being “light.”  Well, I’m back in a size 30 waist, on my way to a 28 again.  I seriously need more carbs, but I’m allergic to most, so there’s the issue.

The recovery has been good up until last Wednesday.  I went in for a follow up and the Doctor pushed my gut here and there pretty hard.  After that, I’ve had some pain again near one of the incision sites.  Pushed too hard?  I’m not sure, but Advil has been my friend for a few days now.  Ugh, progress reversed a little.  I’ve got a follow up Ultrasound this coming week as the doctor was a little concerned with one ongoing pain point.  Seriously, I feel so much better and didn’t realize how bad I hurt until the hurt was gone.  Hopefully the Ultrasound will show all is well.  I don’t want any more surgeries thank you!

Is the Airstream moving again soon?

Airstream Fall Foliage in Arizona

As you can see, the photos are all hitting Instagram. Some pretty fall colors the other week

Yes.  Yes it will be moving.  It was actually supposed to move last week.  But with additional work in the area we’re staying a few more weeks.

The future plans are pretty simple.  Head south, enjoy warmer temperatures, continue working with our clients remotely, and test out the off grid working for an extended time.  Imperial Dam is on our schedule.  Maybe Borrego to see old friends.  Some time around Yuma, Havasu, and Tucson are all on the table as well.  I’m very interested in blogging again, and I’d like to do a video series on working off grid in the Airstream.  So that’s something to look forward to here.

Before we go though, I have to get all of the Airstream tires changed.  The blow out the other week coming back from Cortez was a little scary.  And so many Airstreamers are adamant that the Goodyear Marathons are not to be trusted.  Given the current tires have less than 20,000 miles on them, and a sidewall blew out, I’m thinking there is something to it.  So before we roll far, we need some maintenance.  And even with all of the recent jobs, the budget is tight (hello medical bills…you’re not much fun).

Insurance thoughts for the end of this post

Gotta say, I’m not happy with my current medical insurance.  Apparently pathology isn’t covered by my insurance.  Blood work, testing my gallbladder, IVs…..many things have been denied.  One bill that stood out.  An $800+ bill for an IV put into me.  Labeled as pathology by my insurance provider.  You don’t even want to know how much it is to have a gallbladder out!  There are definitely issues with my insurance.

For the start of the year I’ll be switching to Blue Cross.  They’re the last one standing in Arizona.  That’s for the future.  For today the bills on hand amount to more than buying a new economy car.  Glad we’ve gotten busy, otherwise this could be a super scary time financially.  Still, it’s a bummer that I’ll be paying out more than $15K in medical bills this year.  Ah well, it is what it is.

Alright, I’m off.  I actually have work to do.  🙂

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