Am I coming or going? Couldn’t tell you

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Today was one of those days where there was no way I was going to blog until I got home.  And even after getting home I didn’t have the time initially.  An old friend is in town, so we visited for hours.  Now I’m here, and I had a post in mind hours ago…..and it’s kind of out the window.

I am not complaining about being busy.  I’ve been dying to be busy.  The summer months are always painful in my business. No income, customers out of town, me wanting to be out of town.  But something has happened this month.  Busier than any previous August.  And now at the end of August guess what?  Ramping up into my busy month, September.

September has always proven to be one of my best months on the print side of the house.  Very impressive.

Today was a riot though.  Back to back to back….(etc) clients.  Whew!  What’s this month looked like?

No, this calendar doesn’t include my laundry days or anything like that.  What you’re seeing are entries for all of the folks I’ve met with for the month.  And you can see, I already have folks booked for Thursday & Friday.  Yup, this month has been packed.

Gallery News

Today my new Granite Dells has been reproduced 36×54″ on canvas again.  #2 of 25.  I know through private e-mails that several folks are after this one.  Well guys, number 2 is out.  It will be up in the window again tomorrow, so I’d suggest acting faster.  🙂


By the way.  It’s stunning in person.  You can walk right into it.

Other news?

September’s 4th Friday Artwalk will bring a new show to the gallery.  Some amazing changes are coming up.  And some really great new artists will be appearing with us in September.  Halloween is right around the corner.  You’ve got to stop in if you can…….

How busy is too busy?

Well, I totally missed a webinar with KelbyTraining on Matt K’s new compositing book.  See, an extra client showed up and I had a decision to make.  The webinar or the client.  Chose the client (smart move when you own your own business).  Bummed though.  I would love to have heard what Matt has to say about the new book.  Oh, yes, I own the book.  Already read it too.  And I’m happy to know that I’ve been ahead of the curve.  Matt’s book was a good bit of review for me, which I suspected.  But of course there were several delightful tidbits in there.  Glad to have it added to my library.

There’s more but…..

It’s the end of the day.  I haven’t wound down yet.  I now get a little me time.  And tomorrow we’ll see if I can get one of the blog posts up I’ve been wanting to tomorrow.


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