An Airstream Shoot It Is!

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A leisurly day at the Airstream in your favorite bowling shirt

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to do some photography for the local band, Sweet Nasty. It was an enjoyable time, even if I was still a little out of it after an oral surgery just days before.

On that shoot I met a new client who came along with the band. She had a few ideas for some photos she wanted, and some other interesting ideas as well. The idea struck me that she might be perfect for a little Airstream shoot as well, so we coordinated and arrived at this past weekend as the perfect time to accomplish what we both wanted to do……

And a really fun day of photography in the Dells and an Airstream shoot came out of the day!

You may recall weeks ago I borrowed Jantina Russell for some fun Airstream shots.  You know, pink robe, pink slippers, hair curlers……the works.  Well this time around no hair curlers and no fuzzy slippers, but I think some additional cool images came out of the Airstream!

The morning into the afternoon was spent shooting around in the Dells.  That was her objective, and hopefully she got what she wanted out of the images generated out there.  I’m thinking a few cool shots were captured.  We also figured out why her photos from the Nikon she uses weren’t coming across good.  Wrong settings and format, and we got that all squared away pretty easily.

I really do enjoy helping people figure their cameras out and improve their own shooting.  This workshop / class stuff is working out to be a lot of fun!

You have no idea how many times I had to go outside to adjust the 580EX's light stand to get this lighting. Anybody want to be my assistant?

Once we were squared away with the Dells shooting we headed back to the Airstream for my turn.  Another person willing to let me fire portable strobes at them while hanging around the Airstream!  How fun is that?

I’ll be doing more of these over time with different people.  So, if you like Airstreams, and want to make some fun images with an Airstream, let me know.  I’m thinking for the next Airstream shoot I want a few folks and do the picnic by the Airstream theme.  And yes, I’m thinking about images for Airstream Life……what can I tell you, there’s an ulterior motive.  🙂

Not long ago I talked with my friend Rich Luhr.  Airstreamers will know that name….he runs Airstream Life Magazine.  And we were talking about Airstream images for upcoming editions of the magazine.  My brain went into over drive and the results were the first round of shooting with Jantina.  I think my hair curler and fuzzy slippers idea failed for Rich L’s purposes, as the magazine is toward the higher end.  And my silly little “trailer trash” test might have missed the mark.  Of course, a couple of interior shots peaked his curiosity…..a little more elegant you know.  🙂

Kicking back in an Airstream. Lit with two strobes through the door side window.

So, new ideas, new ideas……right?  Yup, we’ll get a little more elegant, and still keep it fun.  That’s doable, especially when an Airstream is involved.

Saturday afternoon was a hoot.  Shots inside, shots outside.  Moving strobes from one side of the trailer to the other.  Figuring out why one radio popper wasn’t firing, then the other.  Not the radio poppers’ fault, the batteries in the flash units were done.

Battery swap…..

Then back to shooting again.

Joni (my new client and friend) was a great sport throughout the afternoon.  She was patient while I moved light stands, played with modifiers, and got myself squared away.  Over time I’ll learn to be quicker.  Or get one of those assistants or something.  🙂

Another version of the Flamingo Gardner. I should photoshop some additional flamingos into the scene! See, I only own 2 flamingos.

Our final round of shooting made for a really set of fun images.  My pink flamingos, the Airstream, some gardening gloves…..and a cute Airstream scene was born.

Now, can’t you just see something like this gracing the cover of a travel magazine?  I did some verticals as well.  🙂  You know…..just in case.

Well, there you have it folks.  The Airstream Chronicles has another Airstream shoot.  For the travel crowd who follows along here, I certainly hope you enjoyed the images from this post!  I had fun making them.  And a big thanks to Joni for participating!  I’m pretty sure she had fun, and at least she looks super happy in the images!  🙂

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