Our fridge is on the fritz in +100 degree weather!

An Experiment in Mobile RV Repair

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The blog has been quiet for a few days.  We were busy wrapping up on one RV Resort site, and yesterday we moved on to the next site.  We’ve been extremely busy, and along the way our fridge decided to go on the fritz.  That’s right, for the first time ever my Airstream fridge is not doing its job.  So today we’re going to try an experiment with a mobile RV repair company.

Mobile RV Repair

RVC (1 of 1)In Prescott I had a favorite mobile repair guy, Jim.  He helped out when my Airstream heater was being wonky.  And he helped out again when my hot water heater was wonky.  Then I started working with Bob & Mary, the owners of RV Country, and Bob was great too and became a great friend…….But then he moved to Florida…..  🙁

Bob, help!  🙂

Fortunately, with my minor issues Bob & Jim both did a great job on my Airstream.  Both were Mobile RV Repair specialists, and I knew I could trust them as everyone at Point of Rocks had only good things to say about them.  But now here I am in a place I’m not familiar with, trying to start on our latest job.  The fridge going out is something I don’t need right now.  So we’re going to roll the dice…….

This morning I woke up early.  And the fridge was on my mind.  So sticking my hand into the freezer I found that everything is no longer frozen.  And I found that the freezer compartment can hold a lot of water.  There’s some cleaning to do.  Rather than hook up and drive off looking for a repair shop in +100 heat, I’ve decided to use the Internet.  I think we all know how fond of the Internet I am.

Finding a Mobile RV Repair Shop

So, at 5:30 a.m., feeling dejected and sleepy, I broke out my iPhone and searched for:

Queen Valley RV Repair

There is no RV repair place in this town.  And it’s looking like the closest folks are in Apache Junction.  That’s a 40 minute drive apparently.  I’m happy to pay for the service call if they can help.

So, what has the all powerful and all knowing Internet offered me?  Not a lot, but a few leads.  It’s looking like there are two options out of Apache Junction……..  We have:

It wasn’t easy to find either of these shops.  Typing in Queen Valley RV Repair brought nothing for this area specifically.  And the websites are both not SEO ready.  But still, plowing through irrelevant links I found these two.  And both of them are lucky I’m a polite and nice guy.  It’s only 6:14 a.m., and I’m holding off on calling them until 8.  Don’t want to wake them, but I do want the fridge fixed.

Please let my fridge be okay……

So, now we’re going to see what happens.  I’ll be placing calls at 8:00 a.m.  We’ll see who can and who can’t give me a hand.  And in the meantime?  Yeah, a lot of food is hitting the garbage this morning.  Our closest real grocery store is 30 minutes away.  Not the way to start on the next client site.

I do think that this is an interesting exercise in finding services with my iPhone.  And I’ll follow up on the whole thing when it’s all over!

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