Another chilly day in Arizona

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16 degrees Fahrenheit this morning.  The Titan is covered in a thin layer of ice, and I’ll have to defrost it soon as I’m going out for a haircut.  I’m starting to look like a shaggy hippie you know……..

As I look forward to warm temperatures I’m hard pressed to find any today.  Checking out the weather feed I’m seeing:

  • 16 in Prescott
  • 16 in Sedona
  • -18 on the North Rim
  • Phoenix 37
  • 28 in Worcester (it’s warmer there than here)
  • 46 in Borrego Springs

Okay, Borrego looks passable.  But I won’t be going there for weeks.  That’s what I get for making appointments here in December.  🙂

The Airstream is holding up well in this freeze.  No frozen lines, tanks, etc.  So far, so good.

Today will be an indoor day.  Working on wrapping up a new IOS database that I’ll be talking about in the near future.  The whole system works, now it’s just making it pretty.  I always focus on the data, and when it comes to presentation…..well, so long as I can get at the information I don’t care much about aesthetics.  But on this one, we’ll make it pretty with a few bells and whistles beyond just presenting the data accurately.


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