Another for profit magazine looking for free photography

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This morning a friend on Facebook linked a blog post that I just had to share.  Yet another for profit publication trying to pay a professional photographer with “Exposure.”  This will continue so long as folks are willing to devalue their work.

The post is pretty long, but it is an incredible read.  Similar to what I posted about over on Strobist the other week, Trish is unwilling to just say no thanks and let it pass.  She is my hero for the day.

If you’re into photography, are a professional photographer, or are thinking about getting into the field I think this post is well worth a read.

Full Post from Trish Reda here, responding to an inquiry from Fit Pregnancy Magazine.

At this point I think it’s safe to say that many in the industry are getting really tired of “exposure” offers, and maybe it will sink in with companies that want our work that we actually have to earn a living too.


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