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Another rainy day in Arizona?

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Prescott Leave a Comment

With our recent travel only a few days behind us, the Airstream is once again in Prescott in order to meet with a few potential clients.  And strangely enough, being back in Prescott we find ourselves stuck inside as we experience another rainy day in Arizona.

Of course, being a desert state Arizona can always use some extra water.  But over the past few months I have to say it’s rained a lot in comparison to other years.  Heck, they’re even calling for snow this evening.  The awning will be put away before that happens, as I learned a lesson about snow on the awning just a few short weeks ago.

So I find myself in the Airstream again for the whole day.  It’s gray and raw outside….and I do know it’s much colder in New England so you don’t need to remind me.  Still, I think I’d rather be back at Organ Pipe or White Sands today.  Sitting outside there this time of year is much more pleasant!



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