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Ask for clouds, receive clouds

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White Sands National Monument

Parked near the “board walk” in White Sands

Yesterday’s initial visit to White Sands National Monument left me a little worried.  A hyper blue sky set against a hyper white foreground.  Oh yeah, sounds like some pretty photos there doesn’t it?  And yes, that was sarcasm.

The forecast for the week on Intellicast was showing that we would be cloudless for days.  So I went to thinking about the best way to capture White Sands.  Lots and lots of thinking about it last night, and I had some ideas.  The best idea?

Get some clouds.

This morning after waking up at Oliver Lee State park I looked out at the horizon and saw one small cloud.  I laughed to myself that it was just a tease.  But as the morning progressed there was a strange haze in the distance that I thought was a dust storm at first, but later turned into real actual clouds.

Wow, wishing for clouds pays off sometimes.  Wonder who exactly is reading this blog???

So mid-morning the Titan was loaded up, and we headed out to White Sands.  Now normally I wouldn’t suggest shooting late morning or early afternoon.  The sun washes everything out.  But with the right cloud cover, mid-day photography sometimes works out well.  And boy, did we ever have the right cloud cover today!

Amazing clouds at White Sands

I couldn’t have planned cooler cloud formations myself!

Hours were spent walking around the dunes this morning.  Finally though it was time to head off for lunch, and I sure hope that wasn’t a mistake.  The lighting in White Sands couldn’t have been better for what I had in mind.  And I’ll curse myself if later in the day I still don’t have the amazing clouds that were present for the morning.

Well, I got what I asked for……clouds!

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