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Well, so much for blogging a ton while on vacation.  Whoops.  Best intentions and all.

I had a good trip back to New England and Manchaug Pond.  I got to visit with many family members, see how little ones have grown so much, hang out with my sisters, nieces, and nephews.  I also got to play a lot of Connect 4, and some UNO as well.  There was a little swimming going on as well.  Oh, and a lot of rain and gray days.

The rain and gray days explain the lack of super cool photos.  Sorry, shooting in crummy weather doesn’t really generate a lot of interesting photography.  Disappointing.

The only super nice day we had weather wise was the 4th, and I was busy catching up with family members.  Oh, and of course good weather for the drive home.  It’s funny, the moment I left WV for MA the rain followed and stuck with me.  Gray skies, downpours, and the reprieves where the sky remained a solid gray (which reminded me so much of my time in New England when I lived there).

Overall it was a good trip even with the less than optimal weather.  Getting to see everyone was great.  And just being out of the office for a week was exactly what I needed.  Actually, I should have planned for two weeks, that would have been even better.


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