Being a one man band

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While I do play the piano, I’m not talking about music.  😉

It struck me the other day what a contrast there was between my old line of work and what I currently do.  Back in the old days I had a team of people that I worked with.  Engineers, switch technicians, cell techs, construction folks, marketing people.  Every day I interacted with folks in my own department and external departments as well.  And during that time I never actually worked with any end users (customers).

Yesterday while working with a client it popped to mind that in this career I’m it.  I’m the printer, photographer, color matcher, and front end for RL Charpentier Photography.  Every day I do interact with the end user.  And how I work with clients helps determine whether or not they’ll be back.  A very different world indeed.

Fortunately I’m pretty good with clients.  One of my newest clients was in yesterday to go through four color matches of paintings that they plan on reproducing.  While chatting away and looking at each image’s proof the client said, “My old giclee reproduction shop never did this with me.”  I stopped for a moment and then asked, “What, going through proofs of your pieces?”

The client’s response was disappointing.  In fact, the former shop that did work for the client never went through proofing with them.  They decided when a piece looked good enough, and the client had to live with it or go elsewhere.  So, the client went elsewhere (to me).

I have to say, folks can get prints done anywhere.  Costco, Wal-Mart, on line, or through other boutique shops like my own.  What makes them decide to pay a little more with someone like me?  Well, I guess customer service, a positive interaction, and the best darned reproductions your money can buy.

Guess as a one man band I’m currently hitting the right tune with folks!  I’ll keep improving my offerings, and I’ll always make sure to take time with clients and review their needs and their input on what gets produced for them!

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