Black Friday and Cyber Monday are finally done…..maybe

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You can’t tell if it’s warm or cold in this image…..

This morning I opened my e-mail and found a wonderful surprise.  There weren’t 50+ advertisements in my inbox.  No more “special deals” for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  How this shopping push has now gotten to be a week long is beyond me, but until this morning I was getting offer after offer.

If memory serves me correctly, I’ll be seeing more right before Christmas.

Interesting E-mail News

What I did find in my mail this morning was the usual PPA wrap up from their forums.  PPA is the Professional Photographers Association.  I’ve been a member for a few years now, which doesn’t say much.  Joining is not based on your work in the industry, but just whether or not you pay the membership fee.  Still, it’s a good group, valuable information, deals on equipment insurance, etc.  Oh, and a very active forum that had something pretty interesting in it.

It seems that back on November 15th a French newspaper decided to run a full issue without photography in it.  The event was noted in the British Journal of Photography, and you can see the article here.  Gotta say, looking at a newspaper with the blocks for where the photos should go was interesting.  Maybe images still can tell stories, and add to the written stories as well.  Hope for the industry?  We’ll just have to see what time tells us.

A Chill Wind

Yeah, it’s cold here.  I have to remind myself that the elevation I’m at currently is equivalent to many of the mountains in the Presidential Range of the White Mountains in NH.  It’s colder there I’m sure.  Elevation can do funny things.

While the Airstream is parked here for a little while longer, I’m finding myself checking weather updates to my south and west.  And even at lower elevations and places that should be warmer I’m finding temperatures that tell me the shorts are going to remain packed away for a while.  Brrrrr……..

Finally, Network!

After messing about for some time now, I have finally resolved my lack of network issue.  Sure, I sort of had network.  But it was nearly unusable.  Every few minutes I’d get kicked off, and when I didn’t get kicked off the device was registering some pretty bogus usage numbers.  Something is not quite right in the land of 4G LTE, and I’ll write more about that in a later post.


But you sure can tell it’s cold in this picture

Happy to say though, back in the land of the connected.  I don’t mind unplugging when I’m vacationing, but I’m actually working on two different projects for 2 different clients.  And the network has really been an issue.  Very happy to have real service again.

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