Breaking Tradition……..eeeeek!

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Sometimes you just can’t meet all your own expectations. Like today for instance. I shouldn’t be at the gallery, or in Prescott for that matter. Where should I be?

Anza Borrego.

That’s right.  It’s time for my annual trip out to Borrego Springs, but I’m not on my way this year.  I’m sorry to break this tradition, but things do come up and you roll with them.

February of 2007 I found myself parked in Borrego Springs on the recomendation of my new (at the time) friends Bill & Larry.  Sure enough, they were right.  Extremely cool park!  I spent some time exploring the area, and finally departed March 13th of 2007 to make my way to Sedona, and then Cortez.  See, I had decided to make Cortez, CO my new home.  Unfortunately it was still too cold in Cortez, so I figured I’d check out Sedona for a few weeks before moving on.

March 13th my GPS routed me to Sedona on the fastest route.  The route took me right through Prescott, AZ.  What an interesting ride.  Up Route 89, crazy curves and all.  With the Airstream in tow mind you.  😉

When I passed through Prescott I was pretty impressed.  A cute little town.  Pretty landscapes, not too crowded, etc, etc, etc.  I continued on toward Sedona and kept Prescott in the back of my mind.

Sedona worked out to be way too touristy to me.  So, after 3 days in the area I made one of those executive decisions….. I’d return to Prescott to take a look around.

3 years later I’m still here!  And I own a business in town.  Go figure.

So, I have returned to Borrego the past few years on a “gratitude” trip.  Borrego was a place I enjoyed immensely, and it helped lead me to Prescott.  There’s a lot to be grateful for there.

This year though, no Borrego trip.  Too much else going on.  You know.  Small business owner = no disposable income.  Plus we’ve now thrown the whole jaw surgery thing into the mix, and that’s really going to nuke disposable income for the foreseeable future…..bummer.  But hey, life happens.  And sometimes traditions get broken.  This year we’re breaking one.

Hopefully this time next year things will be squared away and I can do another trip out to Borrego.  There’s still more exploring to do out there, and I sure would like to continue some traditions.  🙂

In the meantime, while not photographing this year’s desert bloom, I’ve found other things to photo.  This morning I popped up to the Firehouse Kitchen’s new bar area, and took a few photos of the construction crew hard at work.

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  1. It is the year of the Tiger with the New Year’s celebrations ending tomorrow with the Lantern Festival, a time to look forward to a bright future.

    Bill and I and the dogs will miss you this Spring at A-B, but know that you are with us in spirit as we appreciate this year’s wildflower bloom. There will always be another time to camp together.

    It is wise and important to eliminate the chronic jaw infection that has been the phantom instigator of your illness. Your health is your wealth. With stable health, barriers are breached with ease and success achieved through play versus work.

    Take care my Friend, wishing you good health, wealth, and prosperity,
    Larry & Bill

  2. Rich,
    I’ve followed you from the beginning… thru illness and health, unemployment to business owner… state to state… A wonderful multimedia ride you have shared with all of us readers.
    I would like to invite you to a Rocky Mountain Wildflower Celebration in mid July that We (wife Bobbie and I) are hosting for our faithful Blog readers and RV friends. Please consider this an Invitation. It will be Peak Season for the alpine floral show… an excellent photo opportunity. check our blog for more info, and please, try to make it.
    Keep up the good work, we always enjoy your art.

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