Breathing Color is following me……

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I don’t know.  Each time I get a message from Twitter saying someone is following me I want to look around and see who it is.  I mean, are they really following me?

Today I got a little Twitter message in e-mail that Breathing Color is now following me.  Well, how cool is that?

I’ve been using Breathing Color’s papers and canvases for almost a year now.  Bottom line…..their products rock!  No, I don’t get paid for endorsements, I don’t get discounts, nothing of the sort.  But maybe I should ask them…….  🙂

Kidding of course…….

or am I?

Well, glad to have Breathing Color out there on the Twitter space.  At some point I should start trying to use Twitter more, but I’ve got so many other things going on.  My blog automatically tweets for me, and that should be good enough!

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