Check your gear now and then….might just save you some grief

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A quick heads up /lesson learned moment here.  Be sure to regularly check over your equipment.  You know, a little maintenance can go a long way.

Weeks ago while doing a shoot for clients it happened that the base of my RP Cube for my Radio Popper JrX system came apart.  The strangest thing you’d ever see.  The cube, mounted in a cold shoe setup with a softbox for the flash, was actually leaning back.  What happened?  Well, one of the two little screws at the base of the cube had come undone, and when I touched it the screw fell out!  Eeek.  Fortunately I found the screw (so small, glad I have good vision), but a new complication arose.  Inside the cube I could hear the tiny nut rattling around that the screw should go into.

With a tiny screwdriver I opened up the cube and located the nut.  10 minutes later and the cube was happy and functional.  No troubles, no worries.

This lesson applies to any gear in your life.  Computers, cameras, lighting equipment……Airstreams…….

Okay, see, it’s like this…….  Months ago I was ready to take a 4 day Airstream trip.  You know, get the Airstream out on the road for a little fun?  Yeah.  Well, when I went to disconnect from shore power I found my 30 Amp cable FUSED to the Airstream.  Hundreds of dollars later… was all fixed.  There was an issue with the power connectors inside the Airstream (loose wire), and I’m lucky I didn’t have a fire or something.

Bottom line, regular checkups of all the important equipment in your life.  Oh, and I didn’t take the Airstream trip after that repair.  My trip money covered the repair……  LOL!

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