Class of 2013 Continues – Mia

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Saturday afternoon we spent some time with Mia.  I’d say we all had a good time.

Each of my clients and shoots is different.  Living where we do a variety of backdrops are available for folks to choose from.  For Katie it was the Granite Dells, and simulating a favorite fashion website.  For an upcoming client we’re talking basketball and some fun composites.  And for Mia we did some composite setups and then went off for a “gritty” background as she’d requested such a location.  So, we took a quick ride to a local silver mine that is no longer in operation.

We had one extra passenger on this trip.  Marcos.  He’s interested in learning more about off camera lighting and portrait work.  And it’s always good to have another person around in case an assistant can’t make it, so Marco came along to see how it’s done.

If you’re bold enough to aim a camera at me you have to know I’m gonna aim one at you.

As always, the abandoned mining area makes for cool images.  While we setup Mia and her mom walked their way out onto some girders.  An adventurous client eh?  Nice.



Overall we had a great day.  Each time I’d look away I’d turn back to find Mia climbing something.  Her adventurous spirit led to some very unique shots.  And currently I’m working on the edits now.  What’s in this post is unedited right out of the camera.  I’m liking the initial results, and many will remain unedited, but a few will get some enhancements, antiquing, etc.



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