Clover & Holly – A totally different portrait session in the Dells

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This morning I went out to meet Clover and Holly.  They were looking to have a few portraits done.  Very photogenic ladies……it was just hard to get them to sit still!

Clover's moment!

Her owner so wanted her to sit. But you can totally see how Clover feels about it.

Holly makes an appearance. She was a little camera shy....and interested in sniffing rocks and bushes.

Holly posing for mere seconds.....


Last week I’d met Clover & Holly’s owner at the studio.  We were talking and she asked, “Would you photograph my Dobermans?”

Of course I would.  I love dogs, miss my dogs every day, and get my puppy fix through playing with other people’s pups.  Someday I’ll have a lab again.  🙂

The two dogs are actually sisters.  And boy were they high energy.  So a lot of the shooting had to be in between the action of exploring the Granite Dells.  The pups had a great time, their owner did too, and the photographer enjoyed himself as well!

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