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Dear Tooth Fairy…..

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It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. Actually, about 30 years give or take…. yeah, a long time indeed.

Now, I hadn’t planned on seeing you or contacting you again, and I’m figuring that you hadn’t planned on visiting me again either.  But here we are.  I’m reaching out to say howdy, and let you know that I’ve recently given up a tooth.  So, now it’s your turn…….

Back in the day you’d pop by my childhood home and drop off a Susan B dollar or two.  Remember those days?  I sure do……..

Things have changed since you last visited.  I’m in Arizona now, so maybe that’s why you haven’t popped by yet with the cash.  Additionally, given my background in economics I’m sure you’re aware that I now understand inflation, the totally hopeless effort to hold a fiat currency system together, and other such nuggets of knowledge that I didn’t have when I was 8 years old.  Finally, I understand that the dentist held on to this particular tooth, but I think given our previous financial interactions you know I’m good for the tooth…….

So…..  here’s my proposal.

Factoring for inflation, the issues the tooth in question have caused, and several other financial factors I’m willing to discuss with you, I’d suggest one American Gold Eagle in exchange for the recently removed tooth (a one ounce eagle please).  Given the fact you could always get into my home back in New England I figure you can get access to the dentist’s office pretty easily to pick up the tooth.  And I’m sure dropping the gold eagle off here at the Airstream won’t be too difficult either.

I’ll keep checking under the pillow………

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  1. It’s too bad that you didn’t figure out economics sooner…my dear sister once wrote a letter to the tooth fairy after she’d lost several pivotal teeth (that my mother was going to have to fork over some serious money to have pulled) so her braces would fit in her mouth…stating the simple fact that she had indeed lost these teeth, thereby saving said mother a lot of money. She also then cleverly wrote a reply FROM the tooth fairy to my mother (we’re a very creative family) explaining that it was better at her age for my mother to play into her delusion as she may be fragile (See? Creative…she put this entire letter package under her pillow with her tooth)

    Much to my utter amazement, the tooth fairy left my sister a $20 bill (then again, it could have been a $50, I can’t remember) My mother’s reasoning:

    1. My sister HAD saved her hundreds of dollars in dentist bills.

    2. She had also had enough moxie to write 2 very jaunty letters.

    So…in retrospect you could have probably been making bank as a child…then again, I suppose I could have too.

    That being said, I’m so happy that the offending tooth is now finally gone…And I TOTALLY think that’s worth all the gold in the world…Hip Hip Hooray!!
    .-= sadira´s last blog ..Cat Lady Couture… =-.

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