Endurance on the Whiskey Row Off Road Bike Race

Richard Charpentier Arizona, Notes from Rich, Photography, Prescott Leave a Comment

This photo was my favorite scene from yesterday’s off road race here in Prescott.  The cyclist here placed, I believe, in the top 5 or 6.  A 50 mile off road race.  The leaders (including this guy) all finished in well under 4 hours.

Now, take a look at the image for a moment and ask yourself what’s special about this rider and this scene……..

I’ll give you a moment ……..

Okay, almost ready to let you in on the secret……

Check out the back tire (if you hadn’t noticed it already).  It’s flat.  Completely flat.  And apparently, it had been flat for miles.

The rider?  He just kept grinding through it to place in the top 10 for the 50 mile race.

That’s endurance to be sure.  And I feel lucky to have caught him coming in to the finish in a sharp enough image where you could see what this guy worked through to finish!

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