Finding Silver and Gold in the Arizona Desert

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Yesterday I took a little trip into the desert.  I went out hunting for silver, and I found it.  And amazingly enough, not even looking for it, I found gold as well.

R.L. Charpentier Photography: Airstream 2014 &emdash; Vulture Airstream

Bert Gildart’s Airstream in the AZ Desert. Found me some silver!

A few days ago Bert gave me a call asking about our last boondocking site out near Wickenberg.  I gave him directions and asked him to get in touch if they did decide to stop through there.  Wednesday afternoon I got the call, Bert and Janie had found my new favorite spot.  So yesterday I headed out to say hi to them.

R.L. Charpentier Photography: Airstream 2014 &emdash; Spring in the desert

There were other colors in the desert yesterday besides silver and gold

Bert and Janie will be heading back north soon, so this was the last chance to see them for a while.  While they head north I still have no real plan as to our next stop.  So it was important to pop by and visit with them again before they headed to Montana.

R.L. Charpentier Photography: Airstream 2014 &emdash; Desert Hiker

Bert, the desert hiker

Of course, by now you know the “silver” I found was Bert & Janie’s silver classic Airstream.  It’s a 30 footer, affording a lot more space then my 25 offers.  You wouldn’t believe what a difference 5 feet makes!

Janie had to go into town for a little while in the morning.  So while she headed into Wickenberg, Bert and I took a little walk in the desert.  Of course we stopped a lot, shot too many frames, and enjoyed ourselves.  Bert kept stepping in “Teddy Bear Cholla,” aka, “Jumping Cholla,” so we stopped a lot to let him get the needles out of his shoes.  Man, those cholla look so pretty but they are so painful!

As we were wrapping up our hike I struck gold!  Looking through cactus along our path I found something I’d never seen before.  A golden flower…..attached to a pretty mean looking cactus.  I’d never seen it before!  Take a look for yourself and tell me it doesn’t look “golden.”  Not edited folks, it’s just golden.

R.L. Charpentier Photography: Airstream 2014 &emdash; Vulture Gold

The golden flower

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